Top 5 Chronograph Watch Brands 2015 – 2016

Chronograph watch is still considered as one of the most popular watches by most individuals, may it be men or women. This is a kind of watch which is used as a stopwatch , along with a display watch. For those basic chronograph watches, there will be an independent sweep second hand wherein it could be started, stopped and so returned to zero through successive pressure into the stem. Those less simple chronographs will use additional complications and might have numbers of hands just to measure minutes, seconds, hours and even the tenths of the second. And those modern chronograph watches are into using moveable bezels being the tachymeters in order to calculate the distance or speed rapidly. Though there is a fact that there is increasing competition from other watches like quartz battery watches and digital watches still chronograph watches remained to be popular. Here is a quick list of the top most popular chronograph watches all over the world: • Omega Speedmaster – this watch is considered as iconic and so has been part of the six lunar missions. It is considered as the watch being worn by Buzz Aldrin making it as the first watch into the moon in 1969. Until these days, this watch is considered as official chronograph watch into every mission being sent to the space by NASA. This watch is known as the only watch that could survive all of the severe tests of the space agency such as magnetic fields, zero gravity, vibrations, extreme shocks and also wide temperature swings.


Rolex Daytona – this is considered as self-winding mechanical chronograph watch which has been around ever since of 1960’s. This watch is popular most to the race car drivers. It was being named after the very popular race in Daytona which Rolex sponsors up until today. Rolex Daytona was designed being a high precision timing tool intended for endurance races. Though only having few components still it has enhanced reliability and so waterproof as well.2



Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph – this features anti-magnetic protection into scratch resistant sapphire crystal. This is also considered to be water resistant and comes in different materials such as stainless steel, titanium, yellow and white gold and with a choice from rubber, leather, gold, titanium or the Kevlar straps.1




Breitling Chronomat – this is known as travel chronograph which features dual time zone system. It as well offers bidirectional rotating bezel. Its case back is being made of sapphire crystal and so allows the user to see the manufacturer calibre being developed and so made entirely in Breitling. It also has steel case together with dial 47 jewels, aperture calendar and also power reserve up to 70 hours.






Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta 3 Days Chrono Flyback Titanio – this watch would feature in-house chronograph together with regatta and Flyback countdown functions. It is considered to have titanium case having orange hand and also orange-marked pusher into four o’clock. For calculating sailing speed, it has knot scale on its rehaut. It is considered to be water resistant along with vented-rubber strap.






Those are the most popular chronograph watches which could be perfect across the board for men and women.

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